GH does not only offer its members great possibilities to engage in student life in general but also through its associations and societies. The associations have their own boards and influence the Nation by their previous connections. The associations manage their own activities and choose what they want to do but live in symbiosis with the nation.

Read about the associations in the statutes (only in Swedish):

Styrelsen kan besluta att nationen skall anta underföreningar. Sådan förening skall ha till syfte att främja nationsmedlemmars aktiviteter inom ett visst område. Underförenings stadgar skall godkännas av nationsstyrelsen. Vad avser bokslut och revision gäller i tillämpliga delar vad som är stadgat för nationen. Underförenings bokslut skall godkännas av nationsstyrelsen.

Today there are 7 active associations in GH, but unfortunately there are one dormant for the moment because of the cooling interest. But are you interested to relaunch the photo club Neghativet contact your First curator!