Get involved

Many of our members only come here once in a while to visit the pub and do not attend any other activities that we have to offer. It’s of course up to you if and how much you want to get involved.
For those who want to meet people other than their class mates, a nation is the perfect place to start. We have a lot of different work possibilities that don’t require any prior experience – pouring beers in the pub or making sandwiches for the Saturday pancake bar are just two examples of great ways to meet new people and gain work experience. On top of that, you can earn a bit of money to make your economy a bit better.
Our various minor events also offer great possibilities to find people who share your hobbies – regardless if it’s photographing, wine tasting, choir singing or theater. Some of those hobbies could even expand into nation commitment as you might become interested in official positions such as nation’s photographer or pianist. To know more about such opportunities talk with out First Curator!