New at the Nation

Being a new member at the nation means that you have a lot to explore. Like all the other nations in Uppsala we have a lot of delicious food and drinks, several societies and many fun parties. We also offer things that separates us from the other nations. Since GH is the biggest of the small nations we can offer the best from both worlds. Being a small nation gives a sense of belonging and a familiar atmosphere and being a big nation gives a lot of opportunities and continuity. The best way to get involved with the nation is to come and visit our registration and talk to our International Secretary’s. They can answer all your questions and inform you about all the activities arranged for new members at the beginning of the semester.

Our editors have made a special edition of our nation paper Ghasetten for all new students of this spring semester, Recetten, so please have a read!

Reccemottagning and Reccegasque

At the beginning of the semester a lot of activities are arranged för all the new students, reccarna. You can find more information about these activities at the website or in Recetten, a special edition of the nation magazine that is made especially for the new members and handed out at the registration. Two activities return each semester: the reccemottagning (reccereception) and the reccegasque. These are the best opportunities to get to know the nation and its members!

At the reccemottagning we focus on welcoming our new members. You will receive information about our societies and weekly activities. The reccemottagning is wrapped up with a sexa, a two-course dinner. It’s always a nice and relaxed day. This semester the reccemottagning will be held on the 1st of February. Sign up in advance, at the registration or by sending an e-mail to The last day to sign up is January 28th. Please remember to inform us if you have any food preferences.

A week later, on the 10th of February, a gasque is being held for the new students of all the nations. A gasque is a formal dinner, with delicious food and drinks as well as singing and speeches. The evening begins with a ceremony at the castle where all the reccar are being welcomed to Uppsala University. Afterwards we will have a pre-drink at the nation followed by the dinner. The reccegasque is a perfect introduction to Uppsala’s nation life and an appreciated event for new members as well as more experienced gasque-attendants. After the gasque there will be a party with lots of dancing. Sign up to the Reccegasque at the registration or by sending an e-mail to Please remember to inform us if you have any food preferences.

Every spring semester we arrange the reccegasque together with our neighbor nations Östgöta and Västgöta nation.

We strongly recommend all new students to attend both the reccemottagning and the reccegasque. They are both great ways to get to know the nation life in Uppsala as well as a great opportunity for us to meet you!

The reception at Gästrike-Hälsinge nation opens at the 8th of January and will have the following opening hours:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 11:00 – 15:00
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 15:00 – 19:00

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our First Curator, either by e-mail or by phone (018-666 141).