Every semester a number of scholarships, which are managed by Gästrike-Hälsinge Nation, becomes vacant. These are announced in GHasetten and on this website. After the application period, the Scholarship Board chooses between the applications. The board consists of members elected on the Landskap, as well as the Inspector and the First Curator. To be able to apply for a scholarship you need to hand in an application. You can pick up special forms at the First Curator’s office or by downloading this PDF. Fill out the form carefully and hand it in to First Curator during office hours.

Fill out the form thoughtfully, since the Scholarship Board make its decision based on the information on the form!

What to think about before applying for a scholarship

  • Only apply for appropriate scholarships
  • State Your study merits

State Your study merits and also attach a record of your studying with the credits summed up. Those who are on a PhD should attach an abstract about how far your PhD has gone (some semesters you are not taking any courses but write or collect material). A certificate from your supervisor is also a good thing to attach. We do not want a research plan; we assume that your project has been confirmed as realizable on the resp. institutions.

To be able to get a grasp on for example Your studying tempo the Scholarship Board also wants to know what You have accomplished so far. Therefore it is of great importance that You fill in when You started your studies, as well as possible breaks or if You after Your studies have had any practical work experiences and now continued Your studies. Write down the semesters (e.g VT97 – HT97 Practical Work) or date (not “break in studies 1992-1997). Badly reported time can make it so that we note You down for too few semesters and therefore gets the wrong study pace. Every application should be followed up with a confidential self-declaration – be sure to distinguish Your study debt from Your other debts. Both the self-declaration and application should be signed and two other people should confirm the correctness of Your application. The Göransson-Sandviken Travel Scholarship has it’s own application form and is only intended for that scholarship. It also requires a self-declaration, study records and preferably a signed certificate from a course secretary or supervisor.

The Scholarship Board’s protocols are allocated at the Nation’s bulletin. If You have been selected for a scholarship You will get a letter in the end of the semester. Note and remember; there You will find almost everything You need to know about Your scholarship (It is also good if You save the edition of GHasetten in which Your scholarship was announced). Every scholarship has an annual amount, half of the annual amount is paid per semester. To receive your scholarship for the second semester (also the third and fourth semester for two year scholarships) You need to monitor it: You can get a monitoring form at the 1Q’s office and leave it filled out at the same place. You have the possibility to get certain scholarships more than once; it is called prolonging the scholarship. It means that You leave a new, complete application, which the board will review before they look at other applications. If by then Your study pace is still good and Your economy bad you may keep obtaining that scholarship. Otherwise You will reviewed together with the other applications. Monitoring and prolonging have the same hand-in and payment periods as “regular” applications.

Write Your applications clearly and to the point. Write the scholarships in the same order as they are posted in GHasetten; You should not write the amounts of the scholarships You are applying for; everything to make the scholarship secretary’s work easier.
Pick up application forms at GH or via our website! GH have their own forms (application, self-declaration and monitoring) for the scholarships that a managed by GH and announced in GHasetten.

The scholarships which are announced in ERGO (and on the university’s bulletin) are managed by the university. Application forms can be picked up at the scholarship department and the filled out form should also be left there. Monitor your scholarships using the information given by the university’s scholarship department.

Be clear! Fill out all the information needed. Attach a summer study report. Sign and accredit. Scholarships in GHasetten and GH’s website – apply to GH or GH’s scholarship secretary. Scholarships in ERGO – to the univertity’s scholarship department.