This year Gästrike-Hälsinge Nation repeats last years succes – GHLASSBORG!

We offer you a Kvalborg and Valborg full of ice-cream and promise you lots of sunshine, the best atmosphere in town, ice-cream overload, food and music in our super cozy garden!

When: 14-20 Kvalborg 29/4 & 13-20 Valborg 30/4
Where: Gästrike-Hälsinge Nation
Price: 40/60 SEK for a day, 60/80 SEK for both days (member/non member).

Pre sale tickets:
3th of April: Active members!
4th of April: Members of GH!
5th of April: Everyone else!

Tickets can be bought at 3Qs office hours:
Monday: 15-17
Tuesday: 15-17
Wednesday: 12-14
Thursday: 15-17

Pre sale tickets cuts the line all day.
Tickets can also be bought in the entrance.

Nation card or guest card required!

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GH Nation for a “ghlassigare” valborg!

DJs during Ghlassborg:

★★Kvalborg (29/4): ★★

▲ Axel “Ajde” Johnson ▲

Producer / DJ Axel “Ajde” Johnson will during kvalbor offer you the sound of lovely old school soul and hip hop. Axel is a producer here from Uppsala and has produced, among other things, for the american artist Sage Francis.

▲ William Waltz ▲

To Ghlassborg we have the honor to present William Waltz who will DJ for us during Kvalborg. William has lot of experience playing at the nations in Uppsala and comes to our garden with a set of valborg-inspired tunes; there will be disco, melodic deep house and beautiful tropical house in a fantastic summer mix.
Not something you want to miss!

★★Valborg (30/4): ★★

▲Skogsberg & Akdogan▲

Skogsberg & Akdogan play again this year during Ghlassborg! Skogsberg & Akdogan is a DJ duo that always brings lot of energy to the party when they play.
They also produce their own music.Their singles “Rush” and “I.W.R.” was released in 2016 by the record company Disco: wax and a new was recently signed under the title “Feelin ‘Good” and will be released on April 28th!

▲ DJ Reflexion ▲

With inspiration from exotic beaches, DJ Reflexion promises a fun mix of hip hop/R&B and Caribbean rhythms that will make you dream away for an early #mentalvacation.
DJ Reflexion has experience from almost all major nations in Uppsala and has played at GH several times during last fall.

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