Separationsbal med 04-släpp

How long can a marriage last?
Are you still happy after 206 years together?
The answer is NO!

Gästrike nation and Hälsinge nation have been really tired of each other and they have chosen to go separate ways. On November 18th, both nations take the final and decisive step towards freedom.

Gästrike-Hälsinge Nation invites you to the Separation Ball where you will stand up for your ‘landskap’, for your nation. During a three-course dinner with singing, spex and entertainment we decide the future of the two nations. Afterwards the evening continues with 04-släpp at GH. With ballroom dance, disco, sexa-food and lots of fun!

Welcome to experience Gästrike-Hälsinge nation for the last time.

When: Saturday 18th of November
Time: 17dk
Dress code: White tie/floor length dress
Price: 450 / 430 kr (alcohol / alcohol free)

Ticket release dates:
Monday 6/11: everyone who has a position at the nation
Tuesday 7/11: members
Wednesday 8/11: everyone else

Tickets are sold at the Third curator during office hours: Mon-Tue 15-17 Wed-Thu 10-12.

The last day to sign up is the 13th of November!

Don’t forget to specify which nation you want to be part of. Two tickets per person.

Nation card required.


Time: 23-04
Price: 40 kr / 80 kr (members of GH / everyone else)
Free entrence when wering white tie/floor length dress.
Nation card required.

More info will be released shortly!