Food & Event

Going to a gasque or a ball is one of the most student-like things you can do when you study in Uppsala and it is also one of the most fun things that the nations offer!

A gasque is a formal dinner. All gasques consist of at least three courses served with different types of beverages (normally a beer and “snaps” together with the starter, wine with the main course and avec with the dessert). There is always the option of non-alcoholic beverages if you don’t drink. The Nation’s First Curator is the evenings’ host(/-ess) and welcomes all guests. During the evening there is entertainment such as a choir performance, speeches and/or a “spex” (a short theatre piece), and by the end the Inspector will give a speech. Sometimes different scholarships and/or medals will be given out during the evening, and there is always a lot of singing!

The dress code for a gasque is usually “kavaj”, which means that you are required to wear a dark suit or a smart knee-long dress or similar.

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A ball is similar to a gasque but even more formal. The food and the drinks are more luxurious and the dress code is white tie/floor length dress, you can also wear a national/regional costume. At GH we organize one ball each semester. The Spring Ball in May and the Separations Ball in November.

As well as these more formal dinner parties GH also offers an exciting variety of daily food & drinks activities. Our pub, Ghuben, is open seven nights a week. On Thursdays and Fridays it is upgraded to Ghastropuben where we serve traditional swedish food. Every Saturday we open the doors to our famous Pancake bar where you can buy delicious American styled pancakes as well as bagels, smoothies and different types of cake. This is the perfect way to spend time with friends or make you Saturday studying session a little more exciting.

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