Welcome to GH-nation!

We offer everything from one of the shortest housing queues in Uppsala and study areas to 200 kinds of beer, gasques and clubs. But that’s not all, we also hand out 2 million in scholarships each year and have an active tasters association, a farce, a gaming association and two large choirs. In the physical realm, you will find us in a yellow 19th century house on Trädgårdsgatan 9. Here works five full-time employees; the First, Second and Third curators, the Kitchenmaster and the Headwaiter. It is them who have the ultimate responsibility for the nation. We offer of a mix of activities that you can both visit and work with. All information is available on this site, but if you want to know more, contact us below or come to the nation.


The Nation has always been a home for me, there is no place where I’d rather spend my time!


GH is an amazing place to visit and learn new things!


As an international student I was missing my family. I found a swedish replacement at GH!


You always feel welcome here! It has a great atmosphere and you’re never in the way.