The Nations most important decision making body is the Landskap, which takes place twice per semester. That’s where the people for the nation’s management positions are elected including all the curators and full time employees as well as the volunteer club workers. Furthermore, during the Landskap members of various organizational bodies such as the economy council, the board, the election committee, the scholarship board and the cultural committee are chosen. Even positions such as the nation’s photographer, the archivist or the song leader are chosen through general election that’s why it’s such an important event.

The daily activities of the nation are arranged  and supervised by the full timers. That means our three curators (First, Second and Third), the Kitchenmaster and the Headwaiter.

The head of the nation is its Inspektor. Historically, an Inspektor was the person in charge of supervising the nation’s members but currently the role holds mostly  a symbolic meaning. The nation’s Inspektor is a member of the board plus he is also supervising the division of the nation’s scholarship funds.  In those tasks he is supported by the proinspektor who is elected whenever necessary.

The nation has two types of alumni organizations: Seniorskollegiet och Landsmannaföreningen Gästrike-Hälsingar.

Are you interested about the nation’s organization and structure in greater detail?  Below you can find documents containing some of our regulations, though they are only in Swedish. If you have any questions you can contact out First Curator at


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