Welcome to GH-Nation!

Gästrike-Hälsinge Nation is – like all Nations – made for students and by students.

We want to give you an overview of what Gästrike-Hälsinge Nation has to offer to its members.


GH Nation offers a big house with room for studying during the day and hang outs in the evenings. We open our beautiful garden in the warm summer months for you to enjoy the scarce sun rays under one of Uppsala’s oldest apple trees.

Our pub Ghuben is open every night of the week and we are proud to offer the largest selection of beers of all the Nations with around 130 different beers from tap and bottle. Our 11 beers on draught are changed ever so often to keep a broad range and a good choice of taste for everyone. Additionally you will find a number of whiskeys and other selected liquors as well as non alcoholic alternatives.

To go with your drink we offer a burger menu with classic choices as well as vegetarian and vegan options. On Mondays, GH members enjoy our 2for1 Burger special! Several times per semester we have takeovers, where we offer food and drinks from different parts of the world like at the Californian Takeover. For special holidays, such as St Patricks Day or Chinese New Years we even open up our ballroom for you to enjoy items from the specially adapted menu in.

About once a month we are holding a traditional gasque at the Nation. We dress up nicely, enjoy a gala dinner and sing out Nation’s songs and drink one or the other shot of punsch. It is always great fun and ends with an afterparty which can last until 4 o’clock. A gasque is a classical part of proper student life in Uppsala and a great way to get to know Swedish people. Members of the Nation can buy their tickets earlier than everybody else which is important for well- selling gasques.

Every Saturday we open our doors at brunch time for you to get some delightful pancakes after a long Friday night out. You will find a great selection of sweet and savory pancakes as well as cake and sandwiches! For this event, a Nation card is not needed, so you can bring your family and non- student friends as well!

GH Nation is the proud host of a number of student organisations, such as the Nation’s newspaper, the Theatre group, a game society, a sports group, the choir, the band and a beer and wine tasting club. You are free to join any of our societies or even fund your own!

If you have problems finding a flat in Uppsala, GH Nation can help you with the shortest flat queue in the city! In our own apartment complex next to Ekonomikum, we are proud to host approximately every tenth member of the Nation.

Our scholarship committee is handing out roughly two million Swedish Kronor in scholarships every year, which you are free to apply for as a Nation member. Furthermore, GH has one of the cheapest memberships of all the Nations, at 240 SK for one semester!

Becoming a member

Becoming a member at our Nation is very easy and comes with a lot of advantages! Talk to our full time workers, our International Secretary or our Recceförman at any time to learn more about GH Nation. In the first weeks of the semester, it is especially easy with a sign-up opportunity five days a week! Simply bring an ID as well as a proof of studying.