Get involved

What would Gästrike Hälsinge Nation be without its functionaries?

Engagement in our nation can have many faces, since every student has their own interest in a Nation. It can reach from the beer in our pub to the books in our library. Our different interests are what makes the Nation so diverse. The Nation is by students, for students!

There are many occasions and posts for you to get engaged right now! Everything from the different boards or committess, the daily business in the pub, PR, organisation to the high-spirited functionairy posts.

As a functionairy you are not only meeting new people and having a great time but also acquiring knowledge for the future. The Nation offers you a considerably big network, which is much broader than your university program or the courses you take, probably!

Every functionary post comes with certain advantages, such as housing points or free tickets for the GH gasques and balls.

Twice a semester, we are holding a general assembly, called landskap, where we vote for people to take over new posts. In the weeks leading up to the landskap you will find posters and descriptions of the posts we are currently searching for hanging in our entry hall.

If you have any further questions about the engagement at the nation, send them to !