The Nation’s highest desicion organ is called the Landskap and is held twice every semester. There is the nation’s curators, full timers and other ideal positions such as club worker elected. Also members for different boards and committees such as the Nation board, Election board, Economy committee and Internal and External committee and functonaries such as Nation photografer, Song leader is elected.

The daily organization is lead by the Nation’s full timer, that is, people who have put their studies on pause and for full time, does a year or half a year. They consists of three curators (First, Second and Third) and two full time masters (Kitchen and Bar master).

Head of the Nation is the Inspector. Historically was the Inspector put on the students at the nation from the university’s side, but time after time the roll has gotten more and more ceremonially meaning. Nation’s Inspector also sits in the board and leads the distribution of the Nation’s scholarships. To aid the Inspector, he/she also has a Pro-Inspector at their side. At GH nation, the current Pro-Inspectrix is called Ylva. The Inspector is called Anders.

The Nation has two alumni societies; Seniorskollegiet and Landsmannaföreningen Gästrike-Hälsingar.


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