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Gasque and Ball

A gasque is a formal dinner which is one of the most symbolic student activities in Uppsala. Students and GH functionairs dress up formally – accordingly to the dress code you should wear a dress or a suit – and enjoy a three course menu up in the ballroom. The courses are served with beer, wine and snaps or alcohol-free alternatives. We sing a lot of traditional student songs which you can either find in the little booklet that you get for free or in your own songbook that you can buy. It is tradition to leave messages in your table neighbor’s songbooks and after some gasques you will have a lot of funny messages in your book that remind you of your neighbors and the events you attended. The dinner never gets boring because of the speeches that are held, our band is playing, the choir singing or the spex group presenting a little comedic theatre peace. After the dinner, there is an after party, called Släpp in Swedish, which can last until 4am. After the pandemic we hope it have it again!


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A ball on the other hand is more formal, especially concerning the dress code- white tie and dresses with floor length or traditional national or regional clothing. The food and beverages are more luxurious and the band often stays and plays for some hours after the dinner for you to get out your dancing shoes. GH traditionally organizes one ball per semester, the Spring Ball celebrating the long awaited sunshine in May and the Seperation Ball, celebrating the unity of our two regions Gästrikland and Hälsingland, in November.

Gasques and Balls can be confusing in the beginning, which is why we strongly advise everyone to join us at the Reccegasque which is a gasque especially for new students in Uppsala, where we explain all the weird traditions and sing all the songs for you to get to know them.