Our pub Ghuben is open every night of the week and we are proud to offer one of the largest selection of beers of all the Nations with around 130 different beers from tap and bottle. Our 11 beers on draught are changed ever so often to keep a broad range and a good choice of taste for everyone. If you have never tried a stout or a sour beer before, Ghuben is the place to be! Additionally you will find a number of wines, ciders, whiskeys and other selected liquors as well as non alcoholic alternatives.

At Ghuben we are serving a classic burger menu including vegetarian and vegan options. Once a month, we celebrate a special takeover, with an adapted menu to a specific geographical region, like the Californian Takeover or a culinary Oktoberfest. If you would like to share the food from your home region, talk to our kitchenmaster and we can organise a takeover!

Sometimes we have local artists playing live music in one of our rooms during the pub night. If you think your music can sweep us off our feet, get in touch with our Third kurator and we can organize a jam session for you!

We also arrange tastings of beer, wine and whisky for you and your friends. Contact for more information.