Pancake Bar


Usually every other Saturday at brunch time from 11-15h, we open our doors for everyone to enjoy some delightful american style pancakes! Our four pancake hosts put together a broad menu of sweet and savory pancakes. A Berrylicious will brighten up your day and a Chocaholic will satisfy your sweet cravings. If you had a long Friday night, try a Cheesybeet or a Maple Bacon! Feeling fancy? A Re-Lax is coming right at your demand. You will also find Sandwiches and delicious chocolate cake as well as vegan alternatives on our menu.


This event is family-friendly and does not require a Nation card! You can bring your family and non-student friends. Enjoy a lazy Saturday with lots of pancakes and coffee at GH!


Right now we are missing pancake hosts, intersted in running it? Contact First curator!